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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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Not quite...Dougherty indicates that in the Son'as' current state simply settling on the planet won't heal them...essentially they need a concentrated burst.

Not excusing some of their actions, just saying that the idea that they can simply settle on the planet and everything will be fine is contradicted earlier in the film.
If only they had a way to get towards the radiation concentrated in the rings, like so sort of starship or something.
Which makes the S'ona needing the Federation all the more head scratching: they got ships, they trade with species, the work for the Dominion, why can't they do this thing on their own? They developed the tech, appear to have built it. What's the Federation hanging around for? Diplomacy? The planet is on the ass-end of no where in a area of space that's hard to get to, the Federation apparently didn't know of the Baku and their magic radiation. The S'ona could have done what they wanted or needed and been go before the Federation knew what happened.

For that matter, why even bother moving the Baku, just hoover up the damn rings and give 'em the bird as you warp off.
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