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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

One thing I think will change, outside of the show, will be the marketing... At least here in the US, Smith appeals to a really younger audience of teenagers.. You can get all manner of merch at places like Hot Topic... And it's all very Smith-heavy.. Fez and bowtie related stuff.. Very whimsical things... With the advent of a younger, probably more serious-toned Doctor, I think some of that hipster/goth fanbase will fall away... My young son will still probably be into it, but my 16 year old daughter and her friends will find it less "so uncool it's cool"...

I know that won't bother many of the old school Doctor Who fans (more my age and above), but I think it could hurt the show in the long run, again, here in the States...
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