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Delta IV sex is an open and integral part of their culture, among other Deltans that is as the Oath of Celibacy doesn’t allow them to take advantage of sexually immature species.

Edo was just a joke, obviously written by some randy old bugger.

Risa offers a full array of services to guests, but it’d be no different from going to somewhere hot, strutting around in your swimwear and pulling a local due to your assets.

Orion practices slavery, as property owners can do whatever they want with their slave (not that I agree with that).

J’naii are genderless and any sexual identity is hunted down and removed, so not exactly much to be had there.

The Chelon are genderless turtles who lay eggs. If that’s your thing then go nuts.

On Vulcan the ‘battle to the death’ was only is there was an objection to a pairing, or if one of the partners involved sought another mate. It wasn’t typical behavious.

Kingons are extreme BDSM. Not for everyone.

Borg have no sex—unless they get all the drones into hideous catsuits.

Robot planet is only one better than a night in the holodeck with the Vulcan Love Slave Trilogy.
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