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Re: First details of nuKhan prequel comic

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I doubt it. Besides, what possible 20th century genetic modification could there be that 23rd post alien-contact McCoy doesn't know of. If there was a way to heal radiation damage in the 20th century, it would be known of 300 years later.
Not if the technology had been outlawed and suppressed - which is exactly what happened after the Eugenics Wars
Genetic augmentation of humans, yes. Not the procedure to create whatever heals cells damaged by radiation. You don't have to clone an entire human to do that. Kirk is not an Augment after getting Cumberkhan's blood.
But we don't know how it's done. It may be that the only way it works is by modifying a host body to create this magic blood.

Henry Archer died a painful death from Clarke's Disease and according to Arik Soong he could have been easily saved if not for Earth's ban on genetic engineering. Right or wrong (wrong, obviously), they're pretty damn strict about using any related technology.
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