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Re: The Library of Star Treks That Never Were - Book cover designs

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Now it can be revealed - and we'll be nice and not eject MrArcas's work from the library:

The covers for The Seekers have inspired the authors of the Star Trek Vanguard novels:

The Trek Collective: "The Seekers" to become real books!
I saw that elsewhere and that is fucking awesome! Arcas' work is crazy brilliant and captures the feel of those old books.

But those images need to be downsized so that the whole book cover can be taken in all at once.
Actually, if you're using Firefox, you can right-click the image and select "View image," and it will open in a new tab sized to fit the window . Sadly, IE doesn't appear to have this capability.

I like that ship, The Lensman - its design is ... compelling .

Forbin, I know that MrArcas uses some Photoshop brushes to achieve his perfect worn covers; there are some folks on DeviantArt who have them posted as freebies. I use Photopaint, which doesn't work quite the same way as Photoshop, even though it does use many of P'shop's filters, and I pretty much brute-force my wear and tear using scans of actual distressed paper and cover stock, and just work with the blending modes.
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