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Re: Most Powerful Military Powers in Star Trek

Going to interrupt once again and point out the painfully obvious: the posts here are becoming more of the "you are this" and "you are that" variety, and as the hurling of insults and personal comments can lead only to escalation, I'm drawing the line here with a big sign next to it that says DO NOT CROSS.

The main debating rule in this forum is Keep On Topic and Don't Make It Personal, Unless Of Course You Are Saying Something Nice. This is not because there are rules, and rules must be obeyed (though there is that) but because I'm not going to have a really very decent forum turn into another internet cesspool, which if left unchecked is exactly what will happen. There are excellent points being made in every post here, but then there are the ones that are marred and undermined by the addition of smarmy insults, so if nothing else you're just wrecking your own work.
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