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Re: Most Powerful Military Powers in Star Trek

Yeah, I heard you - you said all sorts of things, none of which were out of this world or of relevance. Again.

I've already won all the actual points of argument; it's just as a pastime that I now wish to draw attention to your general obnoxiousness and lack of argumentation skills. But it's apparently true to form that you wouldn't grasp the actual definition and significance of "ad hominem", either...

As for the subject matter, there isn't much left to ponder. We know who wins wars; we know who comes up with powerful counters to the powerful weapons of others; and we know who recovers from losses all the stronger for the experience. (I'm of course referring to the Borg. But the Federation gets the silver medal there; the other players listed in the poll don't score all that highly.)

Timo Saloniemi
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