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Re: Casting

I said:
At first I thought John Cameron Mitchell (creator and star of Hedwig And The Angry Inch) would be a good choice to play Burgoyne 172, but now I'm thinking that he might be a better choice to play Thirishar ch'Thane in the DS9 Relaunch. As far as Burgoyne 172 is concerned, now I'm thinking Alexis Arquette!
Also, I've been re-reading the novel Once Burned (one of my favorites, New Frontier or otherwise), and I've got three more casting suggestions:

Sam Waterston as Captain Norman Kenyon
(Needs no introduction whatsoever. We can see him every week as District Attorney Jack McCoy on Law & Order. Has also had prominent roles in many other films, including The Killing Fields and Crimes And Misdemeanors.)

Murray Melvin as Barhba
(If you'll remember, Murray Melvin played the disapproving Reverend Runt in Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, as well as in quite a few Ken Russell films, including 1971's The Devils. If you've seen Barry Lyndon at all, you might find it a bit of a stretch to imagine Reverend Runt made up to look like a broccoli stalk, but somehow it's possible for me! )

Michael Massee as Lieutenant Cray
If you'll remember, Michael Massee portrayed Funboy in The Crow, the cynical Man In Massage Parlour Booth in David Fincher's Seven, and the ill-fated porno kingpin Andy in David Lynch's Lost Highway. He's also been in lots of TV shows, including Alias and The Practice.)

Eccentric choices? Perhaps...
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