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Re: Most Powerful Military Powers in Star Trek

Timo wrote: View Post
Ad personams as well, I see, Timo.
Ah, debating rules - the last refuge of the dimwitted.

When you waste twenty lines posting irrelevant insults and claiming that the other poster has "no substance", you merely repeat a familiar pattern. Have no fear, we already know you for the empty barrel you are. Can we now get on with the actual subject matter?
Timo, I said that your hypotheticals have no support in canon whatsoever, that your semantic hair-splitting is irrelevant and that your dictums, consequently, have no value* because they are so.
And a statement of fact is not an insult.

You're the one coming up with insults - which are the true "last refuge of the dimwitted".

*Your latest post is more of the same (it is directly stated on screen that the federation doesn't understand the fundamentals of the breen weapon and, as such, is stuck - prior to capturing one such weapon; there's nothing 'swift and effortless' about how the federation finally managed to develop countermeasures; glacial reaction time of a power who developed in record time long range cloak penetrating scans - while the federation failed to do so in decades; Bashir traced Odo's scan and nothing more to Starfleet Medical - at no moment did he thought - or the writers wanted to establish - that the virus was developed there; etc).
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