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Re: Marriage in Nutrek

One should note that when Vorik and B'Elanna fought, it was because both were Vulcan males, or were deluded into thinking they were. We know from "Amok Time" already that a suitably violent fight clears the heads of males. Rules dictate a fight to the death, but rules can be waived, and the VOY episode shows that neither side really needs to see the other dead in order to come out of the haze.

Once the heads are cleared, there doesn't seem to be any immediate urge for mating, either in the bride-choosing sense or the bride-mounting sense.

Despite a variety of episodes tackling pon farr and plak tow from the male and female angles, we still don't really know what it is all about, down deep. Back in "Amok Time", sensibilities of the time dictated describing it as an urge to "find" a mate, and there was no talk about actual copulation or any such physicality. Intriguingly, later episodes have taken perhaps too much for granted and have never actually verified the role of sex in all this, nor have they laid in canon stone such beliefs as a continuing seven-year cycle for Vulcans who have already married; a seven-year cycle for females; or a relationship between the seven-year male cycle and the bearing of children (or indeed having of sex).

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