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Re: Are Federation politicians immune to sex scandals?

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Some feds citizens (at least some Starfleet officers) have to take and record a oath of celibacy so it is possible. The Fed Pres in IV is bald, maybe he is deltan.
Except he did have hair, even if it was just an "old man's fringe" around the back. Deltans are completely bald.
Not necessarily: Ilia was bald, but Jedda was not.
Interesting, didn't realize he was meant to be Deltan. I based my comment on the novels of today (yeah, I know, not canon) stating that all Deltans are bald. Which I guess means they're either unaware Jedda was meant to be Deltan or they're just ignoring it since it wasn't canonically stated. Indeed, I believe there was even a line on Enterprise describing Deltans as bald. Although, that conversation was only about their women. So I guess if we count Jedda as a Deltan, we could theorize that perhaps Deltan men grow hair but the women do not.
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