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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

Alec is creating a new timeline.

We finally have rules.

Time travel creates new time lines branching off from the old without eliminating the old timeline.

Freelancers are not mercenaries with an agenda, they're cops who remove temporally foreign shite from the time line, after which it can continue on unmolested to a natural conclusion.

The Freelancers are not very good at their job.

They can't track for shit.

Alec has gone back in time a couple hours(? a day?) to save his girlfriend.

He's taken a leap of faith not realizing that the rules are that all time travellers are caught, drugged and locked in a cage before they can do anything truly fucked up....

Sure he can save his girlfriend, but there's then a glass box with his name on it.

Different timeline, different room.

There could be hundreds of rooms each with a Kiera, Liber8 and Alex Saddler in it.

Remember the last days of WWII when all the POW camps were liberated?

That awesome clone show was a test Vehicle for a 3rd season of Continuum with dozens of Kiera camerons fighting freelancers crosstime.


Were those too suits the same, or specialized for different arms of the CPS?

Becuase they seemed to be employing completely different tactics and technology.
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