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Re: The Library of Star Treks That Never Were - Book cover designs

Thanks TREK_GOD! Always good to see someone enjoy this stuff!

Right now, I've got roughly 18 covers in this fictional line of books and magazines done. And I'm still creating more.

On that note, here's the December 53 issue of "Compelling"

Having dealt with the weighty issues of tyrants, eugenics and doomsday, Roddenberry revealed in the November 53 issue of "Compelling" that Earth had not been totally devastated by World War 3. Having narrowly avoided extinction, humanity has banded together to heal the planet and ensure the survival of the species by colonizing other worlds.

This cover is notable for the fact that I built the ship you see here instead of photoshopping existing images. So it's first for me and I'm pretty happy with the results.

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Now it can be revealed - and we'll be nice and not eject MrArcas's work from the library:

The covers for The Seekers have inspired the authors of the Star Trek Vanguard novels:

The Trek Collective: "The Seekers" to become real books!

I saw that elsewhere and that is fucking awesome! Arcas' work is crazy brilliant and captures the feel of those old books.

But those images need to be downsized so that the whole book cover can be taken in all at once.

You'll be happy to know that the magazine cover I posted was posted at a slightly larger size than usual.
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