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Re: Single-episode Blu-rays?!

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Single-episode Blu-rays?! But -- why?
Basically, we live in the end times. Pretty sure it was prophesied in the Bible somewhere. You know, single-episode blu-rays, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Seriously though, the low-cost deals offered at retailers during release week (I essentially got it for free, most only had to pay a few extra bucks) coupled with exclusive special features make these attractive to hardcore fans. Later on, more casual fans who would never consider buying a season set pick them up too: "Oh, yeah... I remember that show when I was ten. What the hell, it's only $15 bucks!" It's really a no-brainer for CBS. It costs them almost nothing to produce them and it makes their first week numbers look better on the Blu-ray sales charts.
From the Book of McCoy, Chapter 3, verse 17-19:

17 And lo, there shall come a day when the people shall have too much choice, and they will become confused by the choice. 18 For the stores shall have both the entire season, and yet there shall also be a single episode, that is both one and two episodes at the same time, and it shall also be peddled. 19 And the people shall buy it with their money, even though it costeth nearly half the price of the entire season alone.
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