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Re: VOY Caption Contest 111; under pressure...

Thanks for the win Ln X!

B'Ells: Sonic toilet's backed up.
Tom: You can't fix a toilet with that.
B'Ells: It's for your colon.

Alien: No hats? Where do you keep your Pepsi?
Chak: No Pepsi, Coke.
Tom: 24th century, we still can't have Coke and Pepsi in the same place.

Paris: !@#$% nuclear computers. I was better off doing card tricks for drinks.

Hogan: In the Maquis, we would not have taken on a new crew. We would have spaced them to the man.

Jonas: Uh, that one is ok, Hogan.

Janes: Put your biscuits in my basket.
Alien: They are in. They just can't touch the brim.

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