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Re: The Fight: worst episode ever?

I liked "The Fight" too. I find episodes like "Virtuoso", "Inside Man" worse. The Doctor wants to leave the ship to become an opera singer and Janeway indulges him. The Qomar are an incredibly obnoxious race who somehow evaded assimilation despite being so arrogant they seem like they would provoke other races to round them up and turn them over to the Borg just to avoid having to suffer their condescension (they had incredibly advanced mathematical knowledge and a few other things which the Borg would likely find assimilation-worthy). Chakotay going mad because of trying to process an alien's effort to communicate isn't too bad. I get why people can recoil at "Threshold", "Darkling", "Spock's Brain" or "Move Along Home" (even though I don't mind 'em) but I have a hard time grasping what is so abominable about "The Fight" beyond the technobabble solution.

And I like "Twisted" too! Love that they get lost on their own ship like that. Awesomely weird idea. Felt like one of those repeating maze areas in video games.
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