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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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There were a few things that bugged me about the movie:

-Apparently, at the end of the world, the major world governments are unwilling to fund both the Jaeger program and the wall of life at the same time.
They stopped funding the Jaeger program because the kaiju were destroying the Jaegers faster then they could build them. It probably wasn't a good decision, but do governments always make good decisions?

-Why is the science department limited to just two guys in a lab? Shouldn't they at least have assistants? You shouldn't have to risk the life of your best theoretical physicist on your other scientist's latest project.
We didn't see the Jaeger program at it's height, but at the end when it was no longer being funded. I'm sure they had a lot more scientists when they were actually being funded.

-How in the world is a Jaeger more powerful than high-yield explosives?
I think it was more that they didn't want to have to keep using nukes against the kaiju more then anything else.

-Why did it take so long for the Jaegers to utilize sharp objects against flesh-creatures? Punching is really inefficient.
The sword wasn't added to Gypsey Danger until before the battle where they used it, it seemed like only the Asian pilot even knew about it and kinda forgot about the upgrade until partway through the battle.

-We know that nuclear weapons work against these creatures. Why were none of the major governments willing to nuke a few of these things? A few nukes aren't going to cause nuclear winter. You could also just try combining a lot of conventional weapons to have the same impact. Sure, it might take 40,000 conventional bombs to equal the yield of a small nuclear bomb, but we're talking about the end of the world here.
Well they were nuking the kaiju at first, but constantly nuking kaiju that are near major cities is obviously something that the world's governments would probably want to stop doing as soon as they had a viable alternative.

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