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Something To Work Towards

So, by the time of TNG, war, poverty, hunger, and all that jazz have been eradicated. A system of currency no longer exists. Based on all that I have witnessed in Star Trek, I would guess that college is publicly funded for everyone, and students are encouraged to pursue whatever they are interested in because the happiness of the individual and they're own unique contributions to society are valued above all else. Everyone is cared for under this system, and there is a place for everyone in society, no matter what your skill.

This is such a beautiful picture to me. As a college student myself, I wish I could live in a time like that. I am a bass player studying classical music at a university with a conservatory-level music program, but I need to consider double majoring because the job prospects for orchestral musicians are at an all time low right now (not to mention for a lot of careers). I don't mind studying a second major; I love to study other things and be well-rounded. I just wish I didn't have to choose another major because I needed a fallback.

Oh Star Trek, you paint such a beautiful picture of the future. The opportunities are limitless and there for the taking for everyone. Something for us to work towards...

Thanks for reading and making a positive contribution to your community and the people around you!
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