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Re: Are Federation politicians immune to sex scandals?

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In the 24th century, if you're a politician not having illicit sex, it's a scandal.
So, rape and that's it.
Well, there is also adultery. Previous posters have commented that consensual sex between consenting adults is nobody's business but the parties involved. Is the innocent mate involved? Perhaps what is meant that it's not the voting populace business if a 24th century politician cheats on his or her spouse.

Some may disagree with this, however. If a politician is not able to keep to the vow he or she swore to a spouse, and if said politician feels the need to lie and be deceitful about the extra-marital relationship, then how can that politician be trusted to stay faithful to any other vow that is taken? If a politician can feel that his marital vow can be broken, what is to stop him from likewise breaking his vow to the people he represents?

Or, what happens if some third party chooses to use the marital affair as a source of blackmail? A politician that is actively hiding or covering up some form of conduct that he doesn't want revealed is opening himself up to possible blackmail or coercion if an outside source discovers the secret. This can be disastrous to a government official.

Or, you have the whole Baltar from NuBSG storyline where the unscrupulous outsider uses sex as a means of manipulating a political leader into compromising state security. We're not so much concerned about the politician boinking the hot blonde, but we're concerned that the politician allowed the hot blond to manipulate him in exchange for said boinking.

I don't see how the 24th century is above and beyond such problems.
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