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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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I loved this and watched all 13 episodes 11/11 when it came out. I look forward to next season and wish it would come quicker. I also enjoyed reading this thread. When JR was mentioned from Dallas I wondered who else remember that Kate played a country Western star in one episode that ended up in bed with JR?

I had heard of it and seen a few pics of her character, but I haven't watched the show since the 80's and don't recall the particular episode.

Which maybe is a good thing.

Glad you are enjoying the thread, the eps are becoming so dense with plot now that its hard to think through each installment.

I hope to come up with a list of things TPTB haven't told us yet about these characters and their lives... like where the hell is Dr Danny?

Does everyone realize, according to "Perfect Piper's" brother "Creative Cal"... that they have another sibling, "Dr. Danny"?

What's he a doctor of? Medicine? Chiropractic? Philosophy? Music, Aerospace Engineering?

Hell, is Dr. Danny a man or is that short for Danielle????

I also think we need a list of nicknames used in this show, and not just for Piper.

So far she's been called Taylor Swift, Honey Boo Boo (in the same ep) and Dandelion. I know there's more, but????

I can't wait for next year either, I just hope that all those people pushing EMMY talk don't forget this show NEXT JUNE!

Maybe NETFLIX should send copies of "my" CLUE game around next spring, to remind voters of this show.

Or this youtube vid.

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