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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

There were a few things that bugged me about the movie:

-Apparently, at the end of the world, the major world governments are unwilling to fund both the Jaeger program and the wall of life at the same time.

-Why is the leader of the Jaeger program unwilling to try that one scientist's idea? Is he afraid to risk one guy's life while dealing the potential end of humanity?

-Why is the science department limited to just two guys in a lab? Shouldn't they at least have assistants? You shouldn't have to risk the life of your best theoretical physicist on your other scientist's latest project.

-How in the world is a Jaeger more powerful than high-yield explosives?

-Why did it take so long for the Jaegers to utilize sharp objects against flesh-creatures? Punching is really inefficient.

-We know that nuclear weapons work against these creatures. Why were none of the major governments willing to nuke a few of these things? A few nukes aren't going to cause nuclear winter. You could also just try combining a lot of conventional weapons to have the same impact. Sure, it might take 40,000 conventional bombs to equal the yield of a small nuclear bomb, but we're talking about the end of the world here.
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