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Re: The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide

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Actually, it's not simplified. It's more complicated. It should be color coded to show where the books fit. VoTI was setup to show where the book fit overall.

Other then that complaint, the site is very nice.
Well I know I didn't include a main part of the book as opposed to all the little parts, but what I considered simplified was that I didn't want to get so specific as to include parts of chapters the way VotI did. However based on comments further upthread I've decided to add another page that just gives a reading order of all the Post-Nemesis books without breaking them up into chapters at all. So between the two pages, both types of information will be available. I just hope that I keep getting more time than usual to get work in.
There's no need to sub-divide chapters. And you also don't need this second page. Just take the main bit of the books and color code them in red like VoTi did (I think) and that's how we will know where each book actually fits. Simple really. One page and two colors and it's simplified.
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