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Re: Is the "Yesterday's Enterprise" alt-timeline the REAL one?

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I think it goes back a bit farther, and is deeper than that divergence point.

The real universe is the mirror universe, starting when Zeframe Cochrane blasted a hole in a Vulcan with a shotgun, and humans ransacked their ship.
Not quite. The credits for the ENT mirror universe two-parter suggested that the Terran empire existed as far back as WWI, and definitely by the moon landing.
Some German planes and tanks is no evidence of a Terran Empire.
The inherent problem with Cochrane's actions being the divergence point is that it's completely out of character for him, based on what we see in FC. He was not a gun-toting, ransacking lowlife. His response to having too much pressure from the Starfleeters telling him how awesome he is? He ran away.

In order for Cochrane to act as he did in "IAMD," he would have had to have been far more aggressive in personality from the get-go. That implies that he's NOT the same individual as what we see in FC.

And for all we know the moon landing shot could be in the 22nd century with a space nazi kicking over the US flag and putting the Empire's there as a big FU to freedom.
If the scenes are being shown chronologically like they are in the usual credits, then that guy in a space suit on the moon with the Terran Empire flag happened before Cochrane's warp flight.
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