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Re: Finding goofs in your tv shows...

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Prosecutors HATE CSI, I'm told. Jurors believe that everything really is that cut and dried, that circumstantial evidence isn't valid, that things must be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt instead of reasonable doubt.
I wonder how they feel about L&O.

And if they hate CSI so much because of this, they must really hate Perry Mason. The prosecutor on that show (Hamilton Burger) is so incompetent that he never won a case!
Not necessarily. He just never won a case against Perry Mason. He may have been undefeated against other defense attorneys.

Juror instructions routinely include words to the effect: this is not a tv show, you will not see a witness suddenly confess to committing the crime, evidence is rarely 100% clear, etc.

I had a criminal court judge as a prof for criminal law/criminal procedure. He ran into jurors who didn't understand that, a lot. Such a gentle man! When he said "hell" in class, I piped up, "you cussed." People said he had done that--no, he hadn't. He handles the whole portion on rape sensitively, too. But he wasn't up on even a square's understanding of basic slang--him trying to understand "he wanted some sumpin' sumpin'" was hilarious.
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