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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

This season is just trickling along. I was hoping for a bit more excitement. Masuka's gold digging daughter? zzzzzz.

I wonder is the producers have any ambitions for a film spin off?

If not, I could totally see Dexter getting killed (or nearly) by his mentor, the Dr Author woman. Then Deb will take his place, adopting Harry's code. It would be sort of interesting to see Deb imagining Dexter appearing as a ghost (like Dexter's dad) helping her cover her tracks while snuffing out serial killers.

Maybe Quinn, Masuka and Angel will ever help her out. I doubt it. I think this show might take the safe ending, all living happily ever after, Dex, Deb and Harrison survive and continue brother-and-sister killing team.

I don't see these storylines from past seasons converging. Why did I think Lumen was coming back? What about all the other people out there that are still alive who knows Dexter's secret?

Pretty much every guest star ends up being the nemesis... so there is a chance that we'll finally get to see Dr. author lady's motivations. IF they've been revealed already I must not have been paying attention.

Deb: "the family that kills together stays together." I like the idea of her being the central character, the serial killer who kills other serial killers. She has firsthand knowledge of the ineffectiveness of the justice system. And she's a standout character of this long running series with many ups (John Lithgow!!!) and downs (nearly anything Rita-related).

Just checking the wiki page... tonight's is #6 or 13 so there are seven more to pick up the pace, hopefully. I want everyone to know. I want to see how the MMPD staff deals with Dex being a serial killer. I don't want this revelations wasted at the end of the series with no time to reflect on them. I can image they'll initially go through shock then anger... but when they realize the end goal of his actions (protecting the innocent) they just may support him.

The remains of the season:

90 6 "A Little Reflection"[99] John Dahl[100] Jace Richdale August 4, 2013[44]

91 7 "Dress Code"[101]

August 11, 2013[44]
92 8 "Are We There Yet?"[102]

August 18, 2013[44]
93 9 "Make Your Own Kind of Music"[103]

August 25, 2013[44]
94 10 "Goodbye Miami"[104]

September 8, 2013[44]
95 11 "Monkey In A Box"[105]

September 15, 2013[44]
96 12 "Remember the Monsters?"[106]

September 22, 2013[44]

One last thought, is Tom Matthews the long time antagonist? How much doea he really know about Dex's background? I often wonder as he tend to do a lot of shit disturbing in the background. He's got a bit of dirty cop to him... and it makes me wonder if Dex's final confrontation will be with him.
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