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Re: Characters Spirit - Reboot compared to TOS (Possible spoilers)

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I'm sorry, but I think ALL Vulcan's would find it hard to put aside their emotions if they were suddenly faced with the loss of their family, friends, home. Everything they knew is gone. As far as canon is concerned, thanks to Enterprise, it had been only a little over a 100 years that the true teachings of Surak had been found, and now, we must assume they too are lost. Because I do not recall seeing the Kir'Shara on any of the Vulcan elders when they beamed off.

Nope they hold NOTHING! IMO Nu!Vulcan Elders didn't care enough about Surak's teaching to SAVE it from permanent destruction. But then, JJ doesn't care enough about the original works to be concerned about them.
IIRC, during the escape but prior to them reaching the beam out point the Elder crushed by the falling statue was carrying something...
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