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Re: Marriage in Nutrek

I want to echo the sentiments of several others: kids benefit when parents give a shit about them. The parents can be married, divorced, holograms, etc., I don't give a shit about that. As long as the parent(s) are eager to be a part of the kids' lives and equipped to do so, mazel tov.

On the topic of Spock/nu Vulcan having arranged marriages/breedings - that seems short-sighted. If anything, Vulcans should be encouraged to breed with humans. We've seen that Spock, a vulcan/human hybrid, seems to be, from a physiological standpoint, almost completely Vulcan. Given that he was able to succeed in Vulcan society, to the point where he was offered a slot at the Vulcan Science Academy, there seems to be no intellectual downside either. If Vulcans can get over their superiority complex, they'd see that the logical choice is to have more relationships with humans, not fewer.
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