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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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The crew had no personal stake in the story at all until near the end. They could have warped away at any time.
They couldn't, because they cared for those people.
"Because they're the good guys and they care" just isn't good enough. And it doesn't do the film any good if the heroes care about them but the audience doesn't.
Gotta agree there. "Cause we're the good guys" just doesn't cut it for me with a lot of stories. Especially one as clearly wrong sided as INS.

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In YOUR opinion.
Pretty much a given. People enjoy different things and look for different things in entertainment and shouldn't have to tag every post with "in my opinion".

But ultimatly, they are now as native to that planet as US citizens are to the US. And forcing them to leave because the UFP thinks they need some form of radiation....
Sorry. One, it is an apples and oranges comparison as there are currently 360 million Americans. So it wouldn't be practical to move that many people. Two, if six hundred Americans were sitting on a cure for cancer and the only way to get at it was to move them, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I don't care how much they cried "FREEDOM111!1"
I assume of course that you would

a.>Inform them they have to move
b.>Allow them to appeal via the courts
c.>compensate them
Are you native to this planet or star system? How many of you are there?

a.) . Waaa, you're six hundred people that accidentally reaped the rewards of the planet. I've got 6 billion-plus that need this planet. So either you let us land a colony on the planet or get Uhual on the line and pack your shit, it's moving day

b.) Want to appeal? Here, all 600 of you pile into this ship, we'll warp you back to Federation space and stand "guard" over the planet while you're gone.

c.) You want compensation? Well, I have 4 forward torp launchers, 200 torps, and a weapons officer that likes to blow shit up. Can you make change?

This is why I rarely think deeply about Trek movie.
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