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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

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Oh, I've just thought of something. Is Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor actually going to turn into the Valeyard?
Nope. The Valeyard was a distillation of the Doctor's darker persona, his evil side given physical form. You could say that he was created more from the Doctor than anything else.
Also, the Valeyard's plan involved changing the Doctor's past, so arguably all bets are off.
Wouldn't that lead to a paradox then. Or is it not a fixed point in time? (but you'd think it was)

Then again, the Master said it was in-between the doctors twelfth and final incarnation. If Hurt is an incarnation, then it'd mean Capaldi is already the thirteenth incarnation, and plus we all know the doctor will most likely last beyond his thirteenth incarnation now, so it could be anywhere in-between the Capaldi doctor and some random one decades away. Maybe the Master wasn't really be as specific as once thought, maybe he just knew it was between the twelfth doctor and the last.
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