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Re: Is the "Yesterday's Enterprise" alt-timeline the REAL one?

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I don't agree. The very nature of time travel in situations like this means that the effects can and do precede the cause. So the end result of the Ent-C's time travelling make themselves known before it actually does that thing.
This idea has been debated by temporal physicists over and over again, and no conclusion has been reached (or likely ever will be). The idea that one could create a time-loop in which traveling into the past is necessary to bring about the future in which the original time-travel occurs is certainly plausible.

OTOH, it's also possible that changes to a timeline don't propagate backward. In other words, if an individual were to travel into his own past, he wouldn't suddenly form a new memory of having met his (relatively speaking) future self once the maneuver was complete. His younger counterpart would have that memory, as would all subsequent versions of the individual from that time period. But the original time-traveler wouldn't remember meeting his future self because the event wouldn't have happened to him at that point in his life.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote:
Kind of like ST:FC. Picard and company were always part of the history of Earth-Vulcan first contact (you can't prove otherwise, at any rate - just like here), but we never actually see how this happens until the film.
Not necessarily. The only reason Picard and company traveled into the past was because the Borg did so first. Time-travel was necessary to prevent Earth's assimilation in the late twenty first century. Had the Borg never made the attempt, the Enterprise-E would never have followed. The Borg found during the events of Enterprise would seem to contradict this, but that episode was written after First Contact originally was in theaters, so it's not clear if such an event would be possible were it to happen in real life.

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