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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

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I liked the Kinetic energy 10 and 11 had. And not all original 8 doctors were "proper" and gentlemanly like, Tom Baker (arguably the doctor who's had the most impact and probably one of the most popular doctors) was more in line with 10 & 11 then the more posh doctors. Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy weren't very gentleman like either.
McCoy was the biggest deviation from the Edwardian gentleman character of the Doctor and I'll concede Tom Baker was a bit different too, but they still have much, much more in common with the rest of the classic Doctors than with Shagger and Smudger. Not sure how Colin's Doctor wasn't a gentleman. He had a pocket watch and everything.
Matt Smith had a pocket watch and waist coat as well as Colin baker. Besides, Colin Baker tried to kill Peri on his first adventure, and always was a bit rude and oh yeah, he dressed like a clown, do you call that very gentlemanly. If Colin Baker was a gentleman, so was Matt Smith.
The Sixth Doctor was suffering from regeneration trauma when he tried to strangle Peri, and regretted it. From some people's descriptions of the Sixth Doctor, you'd think they'd only watched The Twin Dilemma (I'll save anyone the bother of saying that no one would bother watching anything beyond that because it was so bad by saying it here).
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