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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

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The thing is, I know I won't warm to Capaldi until at least his second series. Until late series 2, I didn't like Tennent much, and thought he was a bit of a bumbling idiot (although I was accustomed to Eccleston's dark no nonsense doctor), and I thought Matt Smith would replace Tennent as my favourite very soon after seeing him in The End of Time, but that never happened, and I've only really warmed to Smith quite recently actually, although he still isn't very high on my doctors list.
I felt the same way about Tennant, but mostly because Eccleston went out so soon. If we had had Eccleston for four seasons, I'd be more than welcoming of Tennant. I loved Matt Smith from the first episode for that reason. Now I expect the same to happen with Capaldi.
Unfortunetley, I wasn't that way with Smith. The thing is, Tennant was the Doctor I grew up with, so there was sentiment there, I got used to Tennant, and I didn't really like Moffat's style of writing (and still don't much).
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