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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

The thing with casting superheroes is, IMO, getting the main part of the character right. If you're casting Superman, you have to cast Superman. Anybody can play Clark Kent. If you're casting Iron Man, you have to cast Tony Stark. If you're casting Batman, you have to cast Batman. Anybody can play Bruce Wayne.

My opinion is that Christian Bale's Batman sucked. I've held back on that because he's so popular around these parts. But the lispy, mouth-breathing dog-barking Batman in the extremely bad cowl and the velvet cape and the motorcycle armor just isn't believable to me. I don't buy it.

Batman is a badass. Christian Bale is not. None of those pretty boys on that list are not either. I doubt they could convey the internal pain that is the reason for the Batman's existence, much less pull it off in the suit. Those guys might be ok as Bruce Wayne, but they're not Batman.

Read this, from Kevin Porter:

The Voice

One of the most common questions that I get is what inspires me in regards to my version of what Batman sounds like. It’s an interesting question as I cant deny certain influences. I loved Keaton and of course Conroy was the master. However, the voice is as much a part of the persona of Batman as his cowl.. Even more so. There is a strength and pain that resonates in the voice. Its so much more than just making a growling voice. The voice is conflicted by the man vs. the mission. By the animal that he must sometimes become and the refined upbringing that he has to sometimes project. It’s clean and articulate. But dirty and abrasive. The grammar is perfect but the annunciation boarders on the verge of breaking. There is duality that come across in the voice and the eyes.

My speaking voice is FAR different than that of Batman’s. People are very surprised when they speak to me for the first time. I view this as a complement. I'm asked to do the voice often out of character and its very strange. Even when we are doing ADR or vocal looping in the studio for Bat In The Sun its sometimes tough to get into character. Well, Maybe its because I just have a blast with those guys and its hard to be so grim when laughing.

If you haven’t seen the attached video, please do so. It is a greatest hits collection of us in the studio looping some Batman lines. You will hear how I have to turn the voice off and on and how difficult it is, especially when the guys are cracking me up. Its hard to be dark and brooding as your director is making faces through the sound booth.

Also, bonus points to anyone who knows the ending reference “Chicken Feet”. It was used during a fight scene while shooting Seeds of Arhkam!

Voice Over Out Takes!

This guy knows the role, and would do a hell of a job. DC already employs him for public appearances. He has big screen experience. It's not much of a stretch for me to see him in a lead role in a major motion picture.

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