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Re: Marriage in Nutrek

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But 30 years ago it was more shocking to see unmarried people having children and not having anything to do with their children. At least in my neck of the woods At The End of The Universe. Now everyone does it. It lost its shock value for me a long long time ago.
Times are a-changing. For the good, mostly.
I'm missing something here. How is parents "not having anything to do with their children" a change for the good?
Actually, I think you missing much more here. For example, how is having unmarried parents equated with "parents not having anything to do with their children"? Most unmarried parents are actually unwed couples living together, or the results of separations and divorces.

In general, why assume only "traditional" marriage (i.e. not really traditional, as I pointed out in my previous post) can sustain a functional family? The "nuclear family" (so aptly named, since it was mostly a product of the 50s) was basically a bored housewife, an absent husband, and obedience imposed with the belt.

The whole topic is just yet another "kids these days" thread. With old grumpy people getting more and more access to the internet, I project that by 2027 all Internet boards will be the electronic equivalent of yelling "get off my lawn, you damn whippersnappers!".
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