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Re: Are Federation politicians immune to sex scandals?

Ain't the whole thread something of a non sequitur? We have no evidence that politicians in the future would be subject to any sort of scrutiny.

I mean, yeah, Kirk calls the Federation a "democratic body" in "Errand of Mercy", but in practice we never hear of any elections apart for that of the UFP President in "Homefront"/"Paradise Lost". In "Rapture", Bajoran representatives to the Federation Council are to be "chosen", not elected; we can't tell whether there's a difference. And we have no idea who elects the President. Citizens? Council Members? A Gathering of Wise Men (Women/Others)?

Even if it were possible to affect the position of a politician with elections, that'd only work if a politician were allowed to serve more than one term to start with. Re-election has never been mentioned in any Trek context.

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