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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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In YOUR opinion.
Pretty much a given. People enjoy different things and look for different things in entertainment and shouldn't have to tag every post with "in my opinion".

But ultimatly, they are now as native to that planet as US citizens are to the US. And forcing them to leave because the UFP thinks they need some form of radiation....
Sorry. One, it is an apples and oranges comparison as there are currently 360 million Americans. So it wouldn't be practical to move that many people. Two, if six hundred Americans were sitting on a cure for cancer and the only way to get at it was to move them, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I don't care how much they cried "FREEDOM111!1"

Point of view then I suppose. I personally can not believe it's just to remove people by force to serve others. To much 'good' has been accomplished in the world by making others suffer. In all honousty, I can't help but wonder of the people of the Federation would even want a cure for all diseases, if they knew how 600 people were treated in order to get that cure. Assuming that the UFP is indeed such an enlightened society, you'd figure they'd be opposed.
Actually according to Mirror Mirror the Federation was kind of opposed to this sort of thing as the point Kirk was making before the transporter accident that sent him and the others to the Mirror Universe was that while the federation had the military might to simply take Halkan's dilithium crystals for themselves by force they weren't going to do that because they were a benevolent good guy organization that doesn't do that. Hell that was kind of the major point of the whole episode

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- The cat's out of the bag now, what's to keep someone (Ferengi, Romulans, Dominion, Klingons) for rolling up and say "fuck you" to the Baku. Federation space or not, if I heard my enemy had a magical healing world and I couldn't conquer it, I'd send in a warship to scorch the planet.
This has always been my biggest point for moving the Ba'ku. I don't want them getting slaughtered when another power inevitably hears about the fountain of youth. And I don't want to waste resources and potentially the lives of Starfleet personnel defending six-hundred people.
1) This assumes that anyone other than humans gives two shits about a fountain of youth.

2) Considering Dougherty already implied that other than the Son'a the federation wasn't sharing the stuff, so a war to take it would be inevitable anyway assuming again anyone but them actually cared.
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