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Story ideas

I've got a couple of ideas for stories I'm thinking of writing, and I just thought I'd run them by everyone, and see what they reckon:

1: My first idea is set on Earth during the Post-Atomic Horror, in 2079, as per TNG "Encounter at Farpoint." Colonel Green's regime dominates much of the east coast of North America and is ruthlessly exterminating those within its territory it considers weak or impure, whilst fighting a losing battle against the remaining US states to the west. A member of the Howard family, Beverly Crusher's ancestors from "Sub Rosa", has to cope with a disabled friend being murdered by Green's troops, and the entity Ronin helps her.

2: The second is a "What if" scenario, where Councillor Ja'rod took his family with him to Khitomer, and instead of Worf, the USS Intrepid rescues one of his children after the Massacre. Not sure yet whether it should be Duras, Lursa or B'Etor.

Any advice/suggestions about these?
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