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Re: Characters Spirit - Reboot compared to TOS (Possible spoilers)

perhaps this is considered off topic or needs to be under another header, if so I apologize in advance for this error on my part.

It was brought up that it is expected that Kirk and Carol Marcus will have a romance. I must preface this by saying I absolutely abhor the whole TWOK story line with regards to Kirk/Carol/David. That being said, though I hate to say this, perhaps if they do have a romance it will be because Carol has seen a maturation of Kirk. She is well aware of his reputation and what happened with her friend Christine Chapel.

On the other hand, a mature Kirk would not become involved with a crewmember, and the same would go for Dr. McCoy. I'm thinking the main focus is the Spock/Uhura romance.

Honestly, I just think that unless something drastically changes in the attitude of the writers a highly mature Kirk is unlikely.

All this being said, I love the new characters except for Spock. I particularly enjoyed Chris Pine and Karl Urban and sincerely hope the next film leaves the romance to Spock and Uhura. I would like it to focus on friendships, the closeness of the crew.

As I read this I am really thinking I am in the wrong place to post these thoughts but I will leave it up to the moderator.
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