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Re: What is the strongest ship in the Federation fleet in the Dominion

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Except that there's no evidence whatsoever that he actually chose the vessel. He got what was available. We have no way of knowing whether he actually selected Sao Paulo from a list of ready-made ships.

There's no evidence whatsoever that he "got what was available", either.
You mean other than that there was a war on and Sisko probably didn't have the luxury to pick and choose the style of ship for his next command?
1 - talk about an irrelevant detail to discuss. Either Sisko had a choice and choose a defiant (probable), or he would have chosen a defiant if given a choice:
2 - Sisko chose the defiant in 'the search' - and then he could most definitely choose his ship. Defiant's performance was excellent throughout the war. Ross gave the ship to Sisko not as ~'that's all we have', but as ~'it's christmas - here's something you want'; Sisko behaved pleased and not surprised.
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