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Re: Characters Spirit - Reboot compared to TOS (Possible spoilers)

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So yeah, the writers went overboard with the immature playboy stuff in the early part of STID, but it was all in the name of giving Kirk a character arc where he could grow up (having Kirk's surrogate father die was part of that, too) and truly earn his position as captain of the Enterprise by the end of the film. I have faith that Kirk will be more mature in the next film, especially since I do expect a romance with Carol Marcus is in the cards.
The problem for me was that in trying to show Kirk earning the captaincy in STID they pretty much did a reset button.

Pike gives him a dressing down and sends him back to the Academy.

Pike makes Kirk First Officer of the Enterprise.

Pike dies.

Marcus makes Kirk Captain of the Enterprise.

That took what, 10 minutes? And what did Kirk do in that time to earn the center seat? Nothing. It was all people changing his position. You could have removed the whole demotion/promotion bit from the movie and nothing would have changed. Harrison kills Pike. Marcus sends kirk after Harrison. Works out exactly the same.
Look it took more than 10 minutes 'real time'.

Kirk did a lot of stuff. He took down Harrison and stopped his attack. Discovered where Harrison had gone (I don't know why Scotty was looking at it but hey he was).
And Kirk refused to kill Harrison without trial even though he really wanted to
Kirk learnt humility when facing off against Marcus.
Kirk let Spock take over the ship citing him as the better man for the job.
Kirk saved his ship against all odds.
Kirk wouldn't let Spock die saving the ship instead of him.

You can say that Kirk still doesn't deserve the captaincy. Fair enough.
But Kirk did learn a few things or appeared to IMO.
Yes, Kirk did do all of those things. AFTER he became Captain again. Kirk once again went from attending the Academy (as ordered by Pike for disciplinary reasons) to being the Captain in the space of just a few hours. Ge did stop Harrison's attack on the meeting but isn't that something that any member of Starfleet would have done? You don't get to be Captain for doing your job. You get to be Captain by doing your job really, really well and showing that you have the ability to lead your crew.

If the writers planned to address the complaints that Kirk got the captaincy too quickly in the first movie they really did a bad job of improving the situation in the second. As I said before, you could remove the whole demotion/promotion from the movie and literally nothing would change.
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