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Re: NX Ranks and crew occupations

Melakon, that's pretty much the same idea I had I was using this from Memory Alpha to assign faces and names to positions as needed.

Bry, I based security on having 2 squads of 8, which may or may not be totally necessary on an ongoing basis. The first mission is escorting Earth's President, so a few extra that transfer off just on that mission might be ok.

Your other suggestions sound pretty good, and I think I'll make the Operations Officer the Chief of the Boat as a way to save some space. He can be the Boyce for Archer's Pike to give him some grizzled veteran advice when the time comes. Aside from the crew I've already posted in the story in the fan fiction segment, I've assigned a few of the unnamed crew by their real names, so you can check against Memory Alpha who's where. I'm going to take the MACOs and assign them as security officers - for the purpose of my story, MACOs are integrated into Starfleet and are used to explain the dual exploratory/military role Starfleet seems to serve.

Here's how it stands at the moment:

Captain (1), Archer
First Officer (1), Trip
Second Officer (1), Sarah DeLaney (or Reed?)

Engineering -
-chief (1) - Lt Cdr Tucker
-assistant chief (1) - Lt John Jurgens
-damage control specialist
-computer system specialist
-environmental system specialist
-warp drive system specialist
-impulse drive system specialist
-sensor system specialist
deflector system specialist
electrical system specialist
engineering officers (9)

-Chief Operations Officer (1) - MCPO Robert Rivers, Chief of the Boat
-Assistant Chief (1) - PO1? Lt JG? 1
-shuttle operations officer (1) - PO1
-chef 2
-steward 1 - CN1 Adam Anello
-quartermaster (1) - PO2?
-yeoman (1) - CN1?

Communications -
-chief (1) - Lt (currently ensign) Kayla Randall
-assistant chief (1) - Lt JG Hoshi Sato
-Linguist 2 - Phillip Boyd, Amy Connolly
-cryptologist 1

Sciences -
-chief (1) - Lt Cdr Sarah DeLaney
-assistant chief (1) - Lt. Cesar Rodriguez
-biologist 1
-botanist 1
entomologist 1
anthropologist 1
-archaeologist 1
-stellar cartographer 1
astrophysicist 1
geologist - CN1 Jack Guzman
-minerologist - CN1 Alexander Chance
physicist 1
-chemist 1
science officers 10

Medical - headed by Chief Medical Officer, Lt Cdr
-CMO (1) - Lt Cdr Trish Haley
-Assistant Chief (1) - Lt Aouri Makhlouf
-Nurse (2) 2 - CN1 Linda Yee (Cricket), CN3 Jamison Yang

Security - headed by Chief of Security, Lt.
-Chief (1) - Lt 1
-Assistant Chief (1) - Lt JG 1
-security officers 12
Tactical -
-Chief Tactical Officer - Lt Cdr Reed
-tactical officers 2
-ass't chief tactical 1

Flight Operations
-Chief Helmsman (1) - Lt Mayweather
-Assistant Chief Helmsman (1) Ensign Willie Tanner (Evan English)
-Helmsman (2) 2 PO3 Monica Parnett, Jessica Vash
-Chief Navigator (1) - Lt Martin Ko
-Assistant Chief Navigator (1) - Ensign Eric Lemler
-Navigator (2) 2 CN1 Lin Oeding, CN2 Henry Farnam

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