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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

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I just don't know what's considered canon in Star Trek besides what happens in the TV shows and movies. I've always just assumed that the Federation was the strongest, then the Klingons, and lastly the Romulans.
Well there have(and will continue to be) debates about what is. The producers and creator never could come to any consensus about what is and isn't canon, Roddenberry picking and choosing movies/series, producers counteracting that, some saying their novels count, and so forth.

But the generally accepted definition is the base material is what happens on screen. So no novels, tech manuals, games etc. Though on the subject of games, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Garidians on that map. For a one time vassal state to the Romulans, they carved out a huge chunk of space. Though even that map got it wrong as Frigis was said in the game to be in Federation space.
Thank you for explaining it to me without being snobby and mean unlike other posters.
Also, would Memory Alpha be considered canon, being called the "Canon Encyclopedia"?
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