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Re: Miranda class list of ships resource?

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Yes in 2014 according to round 2 anyways. It's already been created in test form at the last Wonderfest.
Cool, thanks for that info. I'm glad they're doing the same with this ship as they did with the Enterprise-A. The 1/537 scale Reliant has always been too big and unwieldy IMHO. This scale is perfect.

And well semi-canon is my way of saying things that don't fit too far out of the range of what are the established rules laid down by the series. Examples might be ships which were named and registries given but no class identified and can be surmised to fit in with a certain class based on where those registries are most common (like the USS Emden). Stuff which "could" be true lol. The problem I have with Fasa's Miranda list is that all the numbers are concurrent Formidable - NCC-26226 to the Thoth - NCC-26302. That's not how Star Trek ship registries work from what I can tell it's kinda random lol. And other sources like the Dominion War Sourcebook show registries just too far out of the range of established parameters so I don't give it much credit.
Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating things about starship registries is that sometimes there seems to be a pattern to them, and then sometimes they don't seem to make any kind of sense at all. Obviously that's because of having 45 years of televised Trek, different people come up with different things over time. There's never going to be a true, unified way of establishing how registries work.
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