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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

R. Star wrote: View Post
Not feeling much sympathy with the complaints on Papelbon. Even the best closers are going to blow some now and again.
Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
When people blow saves they usually don't rip everyone else, though
This. I could deal with Papelbon's ineffectiveness if he kept his mouth shut. But he doesn't seem to be interested in doing that. Whether it's Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, or the whole Phillies roster, he's determined to do whatever he can to blame everyone else but himself for his inability to get hitters out when he needs to.

I'm not gong to make excuses for Howard and Utley because neither has performed as expected for the past two or three seasons (and longer than that in Utley's case), but when has either of them said anything negative about a teammate? Papelbon should do his job and keep quiet about the Phillies' problems. I get that he doesn't like to lose, but his sounding off through the media isn't making things any better.

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