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Re: Does anyone have VHS recordings from the 1980's syndication run?

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I used to have VHS tapes of some of it from that ime; but honestly, BSG1978 never had a true 'syndication run. They took the pilot and the two parters and turned them into 2 hour telefilms that they broadcast from time to time. they took the remaining single episodes and tried to pair to together to turn the rest of it into a series of 2 hour telefilms (that didn't really work, as the transition from one story to the next made to real sense.)
They didn't rerun the show in your area? They did in mine (Sacramento CA), and in San Francisco. In both markets the show was run once weekly on Saturdays. I was glad when we finally got it, because I was tired of screwing around with the atenna to get the SF showing to come in (often with ALOT of static), and more often than not, I would have to settle for hearing the show rather than watching it.

This was back in the mid 1980's before cable, or anyhting that we have now.
The Show ran in syndication in Houston Texas on channel 39 in 81.
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