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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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So I have a question, we all know that the original Resolutions script was supposed to include a kiss between J/C. I have part of the original script but only up until that kiss. I wanna know what they planned to happen for the rest of the episode until Voyager comes back...does anybody know? Was it any different from what we have actually seen? Was it more intimate?

Also can we talk about Hunters and Workforce yet? Or are we not there yet?? I dont wanna spoil it for those who watch it the first time...
I think it was left open so the viewer can make up their own mind. But I'd like a short story with Tuvok as Captain, something that came up with those two missing from the ship. Same with one during the two months(?) Tuvix was onboard. It'd be cool to see life on board with crew changes.

It also seems that the Who breaks aren't going to be as all encompassing as I thought. Since I'm watching with a group of people we have to be strict about how many episodes we watch so no one gets ahead (I sort of already have). S:


This is one of the episodes I actually started this whole thing for. I'd never seen it, and a flashback to the movie era and Tuvok's place there was an intruiging one. I'd always assumed it came a lot later since I more or less watched Seasons 1-4 when they first aired. Turns out I missed the start of Season 3. I also had no idea it was based during Undiscovered Country. Seems my recent rewatch of the films was well timed, and what's more, I'm going to be reading Captain's Daughter next too.

Anyway, I liked it. It didn't go as in detail as I'd expected, but I've had nearly fifteen years to build up how big an episode it was. Nothing ground shaking, and the whole 'virus' was a bit too sci-fi nonsense excuse to have the flashback. I think I'd have preferred something a bit deeper than that.

Also a nice timely appearance of Kang aka Michael Ansara too.
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