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Re: Starfleet youth devlopment program

JarodRussell JROTC programs are not the Hitler Youth or Republican super patriotic youth military cult. I have friends in Air Force JROTC who are very progressive. Some people don't join JROTC out of patriotism, they join because they think it is fun to play soldier or think it is a good way to get extra rank. No one in JROTC is pressured to join the armed forces. JROTC Is not Hitler Youth, JROTC is basically a military themed club. I think a Starfleet youth program or Starfleet themed club would be more like C.A.P., the Civil Air Patrol. The Civil Air Patrol is the official auxilliary of the U.S. Air Force. Not only it has a cadet program it also does emergency services and search and rescue. The C.A.P. has done very good things for my community. I believe Starfleet would have its own cadet program that does search and rescue on the planetary level and their cadets would take field trips to Starfleet bases and outposts. JarodRussell a cadet program does not have to teach patriotism or loyalty to the Federation. Kids could just do Starfleet cadets just for fun or just to get a brief glimpse of what Starfleet life is like.

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