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Re: Marvel Comics Unlimited

Yeah it's by no means a PERFECT service - but it's still a lot cheaper than buying back issue digital comics - even on a monthly basis, it's not too bad. And they're getting a bit better - but I know it's frustrating when you're reading a story arc and then you go and look for the next issue and it's not there, but the issue or two AFTER it is up. And then months later, the issue you wanted to read it finally up LOL

Although, that said I still love the heck out of this service. The apps do kinda blow - I know my Android MU app can't load comics for crap - which is really annoying, but you can still load them in a regular Android browser window and kinda make it work from there. But it's not too bad, great way to get caught up on a series or character or just read some old stuff you can't always find in Trade paperback form. And really even if the digital comic version was available - which is sometimes a preferable option if you REALLY want a particular run or whatever - it's still going to be more expensive than a month or two of service.

I love it, I've had for about two years now and I'm not planning on stopping it anytime soon. Comics are usually not quite a year behind, sometimes they'll post something a bit newer but still, when a comic on the stands is about $3-4 bucks a pop you read 3 comics a month you've kinda paid for the service. Plus they're always adding new stuff, I don't think there's ever been a week that's gone by when there's been no less than a dozen new titles added. Sometimes you'll get a few glitchy ones but then I just contact Marvel's support and let them know - after all, I'm sure this service isn't something they're devoting a huge amount of resources to, but they're still the only big publisher that actually has a service like this.
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