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Re: Trek Kindle eBook "Update"

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I just upgraded to a new computer and software so that I can better access reading materials and store libraries. I noticed among my EPUB books that some of the SCE books are Starflleet Corps of Engineers and at least one is Starfleet Core of Engineers (I think on the cover IIRC). Finding books often requires more than title and the correct form of author's name is required. Would there need to be a thread for other e-book sources (e.g., Kobo)?

Do serious readers recommend getting both Kobo and Kindle?
I recommend waiting to see what the forthcoming (later this year) Sony PRS-T3 will be like and then choose between Sony & Kobo. Forget the Kindle. Go ePub.

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Do serious readers recommend getting both Kobo and Kindle?
As in getting both devices? I'd say not - I have a Kindle, and I've not found anything I can't get on it that I could get elsewhere, and the prices are comparable.
If you were going to read on a tablet, both have apps so you can read from whatever source you like.
If you have a tablet, the Kindle app is awful. If you have an iPad, Marvin is quite good. But it only handle DRM free ePub. There is Bluefire Reader that handles ePub in both iOS and Android. Bluefire does handle ePub and handle Adobe's Adept ePub DRM and you can use Bluefire to borrow library ePub.
I've used the kindle app on several different tablets, and found it to be just fine. Not sure why you think its awful. I've tried other eReader apps on tablets, and i've found them a bit annoying.

As for the ereaders, I don't think a lot of books come in non-DRM ePub, so if you're going to go for a locked in solution, why not use the kindle? you can read it on pretty much any platform, or on the dedicated device, and the selection of books is the best out there. Maybe its just that I use amazon a lot anyway, but it just seems to be a great ecosystem for me.
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