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Re: VOY Caption Contest 111; under pressure...

Thanks for the win!

Paris: "Let me guess, I'm not going bowling with the guys tonight?"
Torres: "Give the guy a medal!

Alien: "There I was, smurfing my own smurf, and I see this smurf on the smurf. I smurfed into it, and then Smurf! Everything smurfs and I smurf up here."
Chakotay: "I think there's something wrong with the universal translator."
Janeway: "No smurf, Sherlock!"

Paris: "Hey Doc, I think your new camera overdoes it with the flash."
EMH: "Too much?"
Paris: Let's just say that I'm going to need you to clone me some new retinas."

Hogan: "The crew have some grievances, and they've elected me to be their representative. You see we've unionised, and we have some demands."
Janeway: "Airlock."
Hogan: "I mean requests.... um, suggestions? Hints? Little ideas you might want to mull over. If you have the time..."
Janeway: ...
Hogan: "How about we forget this whole thing, and I get back to work?"
Janeway: "First smart thing you said all day, mister!"

Janeway: "Ribbed, for my pleasure. If you get what I mean."
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